Service Made Easy with Key Valet at Barrie Nissan

Barrie Nissan makes getting regular maintenance more accessible than ever with fewer interruptions to your schedule

If you feel like you just don’t have time to stop by the Barrie Nissan Service Department to get that maintenance, you aren’t alone. All of us are seemingly busier than ever. Barrie Nissan is so committed to helping you protect your automobile; our team has developed the Key Valet program that will get your vehicle the maintenance it needs while also keeping disruptions to your schedule to a minimum. Follow along while we take an early look at this innovative way we’re helping you take care of your vehicle.

What is Key Valet?

Since dealership-based automotive service departments were invented, vehicle owners have had to make time in their day around the operating hours of the dealership’s operation. Key Valet was explicitly designed to accommodate our 24-hour world. We’ll get into more details below, but suffice it to say that this will be one of the most customer-friendly service programs in Ontario. The Barrie Nissan Service Department has always been here to meet your needs; now, we’re in a position to do that at almost any time.




How Key Valet Will Help You

You know the times that work best for your schedule. One of the most crucial components of the entire Key Valet program is the 24-hour pick-up or drop-off aspect. If you can’t make it to Barrie Nissan Service Department during our regular operating hours, you won’t be without your vehicle until you can. You will be able to access your freshly serviced car, truck, or SUV at our secure facility when you’re free to do so.




More Key Valet Advantages to Customers

The Barrie Nissan team behind Key Valet had several clear elements in mind when developing this program. Key Valet has been built from the ground up to meet the following elements that are the most important to customers like you:

  • Time-Saving Convenience: We work around your schedule so you never have to waste a minute of your finite time.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: From busy parents to busy professionals, we are ready to meet your needs on your timeline.
  • Contactless Service: Safety is our top priority in these uncertain times. Pick-up and drop-off services can be completed without interacting with another person.



  • Stay Positive: Key Valet is really about giving customers their time back. You can use it to keep working, run errands or anything else you need to complete.
  • Same Quality Service: Barrie Nissan doesn’t cut corners, and that won’t be changing with our new program.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Ultimately, Key Valet is for you, our customers. We want to continue to exceed your expectations.




Contact Us

We can’t wait for the new Key Valet program to get going. Be sure to keep in touch with a Barrie Nissan service advisor to learn more about this program. In the meantime, the service department is ready to handle any routine or unexpected maintenance that might come along your way.