2024 Nissan Rogue Vs 2024 Honda CR-V

The list of reasons crossover SUVs, like the Nissan Rogue, have become the most popular vehicle platform in North America is nearly endless. With each passing model year, the competition between vehicles like the Rogue and the rest of its class gets more and more intense. Comparison shopping has become the norm, and Barrie Nissan wants to make that process as easy as possible. Looking at the 2024 Nissan Rogue vs 2024 Honda CR-V reveals that the Rogue has a lot to offer owners compared to a top competitor. Let’s take a closer look at these class-leading vehicles.

2024 Nissan Rogue Vs 2024 Honda CR-V
201 Horsepower 190
8.4 / 6.7 Fuel Economy (city/hwy) 8.4 / 7.1
1,054 / 978 Front/Rear Legroom (mm) 1,049 / 1,042
2,098 Max. Cargo Volume (L) 2,166

Performance & Efficiency

Powertrain Output

Every 2024 Nissan Rogue employs the same engine platform that makes 201 horsepower and uses a continuously variable transmission for efficient performance. Most versions of the competing 2024 Honda CR-V use a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that doesn’t quite match the output offered by the current Rogue.







Fuel Consumption

Even though the 2024 Rogue makes more horsepower than its Toyota rival, it is able to mostly match the CR-V’s fuel economy scores. Rogue owners can expect the 2024 model to return 8.4 L/100 km in the city and 6.7 L/100 km on the highway. The CR-V, on the other hand, records the same figures for city driving, and the highway fuel consumption comes in just a little higher.








Colour Touchscreen Interface

The presence of colour touchscreens in modern automobiles has become ubiquitous. Nissan offers two options, depending on which 2024 Rogue trim they choose to take home. An 8-inch touchscreen is standard, but higher trims offer a 12.3-inch screen. Buyers considering the Honda CR-V will see 7- or 9-inch models. Both models offer access to popular smartphone applications.








Both SUVs are well-equipped with the latest safety features and technology. The 2024 Rogue offers several stand-alone safety systems of its own, including standard emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, and lane departure warning. The Nissan ProPILOT system is also an available option on some Rogue trim grades.







Interior Space

Passenger Capacity

The 2024 Rogue and 2024 CR-V each offer two rows of seats that can hold five passengers. Nissan Rogue passengers will have 1,054 mm of legroom in the front seats and 978 mm of rear legroom. For comparison, the Honda CR-V has slightly less available legroom in front seats than the Rogue but offers a few millimetres more for rear passengers.







Cargo Volume

Cargo-hauling capability is going to be a key factor for anyone considering a crossover SUV in the class that is occupied by the Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V. The current Nissan Rogue model offers 2,098 litres, with the CR-V coming in just a bit over this measurement.

If you would like to learn more about the 2024 Nissan Rogue to see if it can fit into your lifestyle, make an appointment with a Barrie Nissan product expert today. If you decide to take a 2024 Nissan Rogue home with you, don’t forget to schedule its first oil change or factory-mandated maintenance.






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