Don’t Venture Out in a Cold Car this Winter

A stock photo of a Nissan interior.

Why Isn’t My Car’s Heat Working?

Isn’t it amazing how cold a person can get walking to their car, no matter how far it is away? The idea of getting behind the wheel and being unable to feel the cabin get warm is enough to make the heartiest among us stay inside until spring. But what happens if that is the case? If you can’t quite get your car warm, and you’re wondering why isn’t your car’s heat working, we have some answers. Diagnosing heating problems can be straightforward; let’s see if we can help you figure some things out.

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How Does a Car Heater Work?

The hot or warm air that comes out of your car’s heating vents actually starts with the cooling system. As coolant flows throughout the system, it gets hot, and a fan essentially blows the heat collected by the coolant into the cabin. It’s really that simple.

Common Car Heater Problems?

There are four primary reasons why a vehicle might not be heating up with the hot air is turned on:

  • Faulty heater switch
  • Clogged cabin air filter that restricts airflow
  • Broken thermostat
  • Broken heater core

Each of these issues may require a Barrie Nissan Service Technician to diagnose and repair.

What Do You Do If Your Car’s Heat Doesn’t Work?

Our service technicians suggest trying a couple of things to get the heat to work before you bring it in.

  • Turn the heat all the way up to maximum to see if any hot air comes out of the vents at all. Try adjusting the settings to see if there is a combination that will work.
  • Check under the hood for fluid leaks. If you notice a fluorescent green leak under the car, that is likely coolant. A leaking coolant system would cause the heating system to be ineffective.
  • Use your owner’s manual to find the cabin air filter. If it’s dirty, clean off as much debris as possible before finding a replacement.

If you find yourself unable to get your heat working, don’t wait around! Make an appointment with the Barrie Nissan Service Department right away to get your vehicle looked at by our experts.