Being Early on Changing Tires Can be as Bad as Being Late

A stock photo of a Nissan car tire.

When is it Too Early For Spring Tires?

There might not be anything more important to safe and efficient driving than using the right set of tires for the season. Our service technicians constantly tell people the importance of putting their winter tires on at the right time. They also spend almost as much time telling people when it is too early for spring tires. February feels like it’s close enough to spring to make the switch, but the calendar doesn’t dictate the right time; the actual weather does. Let’s take a look at a few things you should consider before putting spring or summer tires back on your car, truck or SUV.

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Watch Out For Consistent Temperatures

The rule of thumb around changing tires is set around the 7°C mark. When the average ambient temperature drops to 7°C, it’s time to switch to cold-weather-ready tires. The opposite holds true on the other end of the equation, and when we hit temps averaging above 7°C, it’s ok to put all-season or summer tires on the vehicle.

Why Aren’t Summer Tires Good in Snow?

There isn’t a big secret to why summer or warm weather tires don’t perform well in the winter. They simply aren’t designed to do that. Asphalt or concrete gets warm in the summer and requires a softer type of rubber to maintain grip. Cold-weather tires are too hard. Conversely, using warm weather tires in the winter isn’t advisable because they also get too hard to grip the snow or icy road.

Additionally, using cold-weather tires on warm pavement will wear them out very quickly. Since actual rain is more likely to happen in the warmer months, all-season tires are better suited to pulling the water from between the tires and the road to help drivers keep control while travelling in those conditions. That’s why we recommend people wait until it’s the right time to make the switch.

Be sure to reserve your appointment with the Barrie Nissan Service Department to swap out your tires when it’s the right time. Also, if it’s time to buy a set of seasonal tires, we are more than ready to help you with that anytime.