You Only Need to Use the Recommended Motor Oil These Days

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Should You Use Different Motor Oil in Spring/Summer?

There are few things that will keep a vehicle running in peak condition for as long as possible than keeping the oil fresh and changed on time. Luckily, modern vehicles are easier to maintain than ever before while also being very reliable. However, that hasn’t stopped people from coming into the Barrie Nissan Service Department to ask if they need to be using different motor oil in the spring and summer than they would use in the winter. Let’s take a look at this and what it means for you.

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Outdated Car Care Information

In the old days, before synthetic oil, there was some truth to needing to use different kinds of oil based on the season. Colder weather needed a different oil than hot summer months because of how old engines were designed. Conventional motor oil gets thicker and harder to move around in the cold, and warm temps can thin it out, causing a drop in lubrication.

Synthetic Oil Changes the Game

Synthetic motor oil has been around for a long time. It’s great for several reasons, but mostly because it lasts longer and protects better across a wider range of conditions. That means vehicle owners only need to use one kind of oil all year long. This also makes maintaining the vehicles easier for everyone involved.

There used to be a myth that synthetic oil caused engine seals to leak. This was also kind of true. Older engines designed for conventional oil used seals that could be damaged by synthetic oil. That is no longer the case. In fact, sometimes, using synthetic oil can clean out contaminants and reveal that seals need to be replaced.

Most new Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs are designed to use synthetic oil anyway. There are only a few rare cases that an owner should deviate from using what is recommended by the manufacturer.

If you have questions about the best way to take care of your Nissan vehicle, make an appointment with the Barrie Nissan Service Department today.