Don’t Let a Rough Winter Destroy Your Car

A stock photo of a Nissan pickup truck.

How Do You Take Care of a Car in the Winter?

Winter conditions are among the worst things that can happen to an automobile. Bitterly cold temperatures can hurt electrical components, and salt damage is nothing to scoff at. The professionals working at the Barrie Nissan Service Department want to make sure you always have your vehicle ready to take you where you need to go. When people ask us how we take care of our vehicles during the winter, there are a few easy things that all of us can do to get keep our vehicles running in peak condition. Let’s take a closer look at what they came up with.

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A Healthy Battery

Coming out to find that your car won’t start never seems to happen on a nice day. It feels like it always happens at the worst possible time. Cold weather and car batteries don’t mix well. That’s why it’s important that you keep an eye on it through regular maintenance appointments and that you replace the battery as needed. For extra protection, parking the vehicle out of the elements is also advised, if possible.

Prevent Salt Damage

Public roads are often treated with salt or salt brine to melt ice or, at the very least, keep it at bay. When we drive over it, our tires kick up that solution and drop it all over our vehicles. Salt plus metal equals rust. It’s important to take advantage of relatively warm days to clean the sale and grime off the underside of the vehicle to keep it from falling apart.

Use Winter Tires

Preaching about winter tires might seem like a cliché, but they really are important to a safe winter driving season. Just about every study conducted in the world about driving on winter tires says the extra traction provided can prevent drivers from slipping off the road and help reduce stopping distances on slippery roads. There is no better way to add peace of mind than to use appropriate seasonal tires.

Make an appointment with the Barrie Nissan team today, and we’ll take a look at how well-suited your vehicle is for handling winter driving conditions.